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Why should I choose Snow & Savannah Safari and Sebastian Tenga?
There are an ever -increasing number of expedition operators offering trips to Tanzania side Kilimanjaro,Mount Meru,Oldonyo Lengai etc.What makes us special is that we always try and go one step further to making sure that our clients receive the best service that can be offered.We also believe in doing our best for our staff and for the environment,areas that many other companies pay no attention to.We are experienced enough that this is why our clients come back time and again.It gives us great satisfaction that the majority of our business comes from the recommendations of past clients.

I want to climb Kilimanajro and go on Safari, what should I do first?
Both are possible. We can organize any tour you like in any order and length. Most people starting with Kilimanjaro climbing first and after wards continue on safari.

I come from another time zone, should I take a rest day first before starting climb?
In many cases it will be nice if spend one day for resting before you start climbing. This will help you that you don't feel bad on the mountain and get tired quickly and feel sick. That why we advice its good to start the climb one day later.

How experienced are the guides who will leading your expeditions up Kilimanjaro?
Our guides are all good trained and very experienced, most of them have been climbed Kilimanjaro more than hundred times. Many of them started as porter, cook or assistant guide. They are all registered under Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) and have been trained for medical emergence, and educated well and all speak good English.

You have found a Kilimanjaro trips for cheapest than ours !Why is not good idea to book.
For my experience and what I have seen before, the problem of cheapest companies are;Guides and porters they don't get enough payment and they are depend on tips only,no enough food for porters and guide up on the mountain,the tour will be less day and they will be not enough porters.

What are meals like on a climb?
All our chefs are very well trained for making different dishes such Italian,continental,African etc. The delicious meals will be prepared hygienically,and cleanliness by our chefs.We use localy food supplies and contains gardens of organic vegetables,coffee,bananas and honey.We offer many! only remember to tell us if you have any special diets requirements because both meat and nuts form a substantial part of the food on Kilimanjaro.

Breakfast: Our typical Kilimanjaro breakfast includes:Coffee,tea,porridge,
fruit juice eggs (boiled or fried),sousage,toast,margarine,peanut butter,jam and honey fresh local fruits such Banana,papaya orange,pineapple,ananas, mango,avacado,watermelone,cucumber and popcorn.

Lunches: On Kilimanjaro is usually fresh prepared at morning and carried by the trekker in his/her day daypack. This lunch box consists of a boiled egg, sandwiches, a banana,orange,coffee,hot tea . At the end of days walking afternoon tea is served with biscuits, peanuts and salted Popcorn. And final biggest meal of the day.

Dinners: Usually begins with hot soup made with vegetables, followed by a main course. chicken,beef meat,fish, a vegetable sauce, some cabbage from local farm, pasta,mashed potatoes/ coconut rice with green beans,fruits and variety of hot drinks.

When is the best time of the year to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro?
It always possible all the year long, January through early March. June,July,August,September,October, November, December are the best months. Our companies we organize our trips all year round, so any time you wish to climb Kilimanjaro or Safari we are already to arrange it for you. Some people actually prefer to climb during rainy /snow seasons about 20%.

Does climbing the Killimanjaro involve technicalities?
Not at all! Mt Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb. Any person in good physical condition can climb Kilimanjaro up to the summit.People with heart or lung problems should not anttempt the mountain at all without consulting their doctors.Inportant is do not push yourself to go if your body exhausted,or if you have extreme mountain sickness or more serious symptoms. We also advise that you should discuss the tour with your doctors before.

How many guides, and porters and cooks do we get?
Dipending on the size of the group. A climbing crew consists of the guides,porters and cooks.The ratio of crew to clients is typically 2 crew to 1 client We guarantee enough number of crew for your luggage,food and water.And all receive a fair living wage.

What kind of tents are used?
Tatonka Sherpa dome Plus: (floor size 55 x 39)
Vaude Campo:(floor size 56 x 20)
Dining tent we use Vaude Base Camp:(floor size 75 x 37)
Folding Tables and Chairs
Qualities Camping sleep pad. etc

Will I have a chance to meet/ speak with the local people of Tanzania?
Sure! Our company offer a local trips to some village around Kilimanjaro area, where is actually home of many mountain guides and porters, who where born on Kilimanjaro region, raised there as well a lots of mountain climbing knowledge.

What kind of accommodation is available juring climb?
All other routes offer accommmodation in tents except only Marangu route, offers accommodation in a dormitory style huts having beds and mattresses.


Interested in travelling to Africa?
Travel in Africa can be rough. It can also be a great joy. If you have patience, a willingness to maintain an open mind, a desire to explore and the ability to laugh at the absurd, your African vacation will be memorable and unforgttable in your life.

Which National Park should I visit?
For standard National parks safaris, we focus on the game -rich park which has the richest diversity of habitats and animal life. We always recommend a National Parks where we know you will get fantastic game viewing and value for your money. My staff and I we work hard to find you the best destination at the best possible price.

What happening after I land in Tanzania? Will I be picked up?
First of all you are landing in Africa continent, never mind its the first or second time, Just relax. For sure you will be picked up with a big welcome Tanzania, (Karibu Tanzania) in Kiswahili.Many people will be waiting to pick people up and one of our driver will be holding up a sign with your name. Karibu Tanzania ! (Welcome Tanzania)

What type of Safari vehicles does S & S Safaris use?
Yes, All game drives are conducted on a specially designed open safari vehicles with pop-up roofs for better game -viewing.We use exclusively safari four-wheel drive Land Rovers and Land Cruisers. Each vehicles up 4-6 people.

What clothing and equpment do I need on Safari?
Your clothing on safari should be light and comfortable.For the evening in Lodges and tented camps we are recommend casual evening wear.Adjust the number of items according to the length of your safari.

Safari Clothing
.Shoes/ Sandals or flip-flops for showers
.Cotton pants
.Long and short sleeved shirts
.Swimsuit if you staying in alodge with apool
.Hut with brim
.Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
.Warm sweater or jacket

Safari Equipment
.Sunglasses UV rays
.Camera and spare batteries, enough film
.Insect repellant
.Flashlight or headlamp
.Toilet kit
.1 Liter wide mouth (Nalgene) water bottle
.Hand wipes
.Plastik bag
.Liquid laundry detergent (small bottle)for hand laundry
.Small towel and washcloth-quick drying (only if staying in campground)

What medical precautions do I need to consider? Should I be worried about Malaria?
No, not worried, but informed. You should be aware of the risk and take Ant-malaria medication before and during your trip, but do not let afraid of malaria stop you from enjoying your Safaris. Prevention is always better and easier than cure, so make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations. Please consult your local doctors before your trips.

Will I stay in Hotel /Lodge or Tents?
We work with different number of excellent Hotels/Lodge and Camps, and we will always recommend a Lodge or Camps where we know you will get superb food and excellent services .At Snow & Savannah Safari,we take our guests' health and safety very seriously. Your accommodation will normally have mosquito netting or screens at the windows.

Will I see the big five on safaris in Tanzania?
Sadly! If its likely day, otherwise at least some of them, to spotting all of the big 5 in one or two days is very possible but cannot be guaranteed. Also in your quest to view the big five, be sure not to miss out on the many other interests animals, birds, plants and reptiles. Our safaris Guide will consult with you about your interests and what you most wish to see.
If the big 5 is what you want to see, they will make every effort to try and find them. If you are interested in birds they will take you to some of the best bird paradise, if your passion is photography they will give opportunity for this and finally you will have a fantastic photography for you.

When is the best time of the year to go on safari in Tanzania?
Any time is a wonderful time to be on safaris .We are arranging safari itineraries to take advantage of the best possible game viewing in accordance with the seasonal concentrations of wildlife.

How does S & S Safari choose guest accommodations on Safari?
We work with a different category Hotels/Lodge from low budget to luxury.Your accommodation is at all times confortable,safe,clean and well located to enjoy the best of the places we are staying in.You can be confident of personal service and exceptional locations and a room with a view.
Accommodation includes hotels,lodges and tented safari camps.We make it a priority to learn and meet individual client's need and interests.

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