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Karibu! Welcome!

My name is Sebastian Tenga, and I am the founder of Snow &  Savannah Safaris. I invite you to join us for an Adventure in Africa. We offer a variety of packages in Tanzania, ranging Mt Kilimanjaro climbing and Safari Adventure in all Tanzania National Park's with a comfortable jeep safaris, throughout the Serengeti, home to many spectacular wildlife parks of Tanzania, Ngorongoro Carater, as well to exotic beaches of Zanzibar Island. A recent exciting addition are our unique tribal expeditions, which give our guests the rare opportunity to travel where very few have been before, by trekking into remote areas and spending time with indigenous communities. Observing a very rare spiritual dance (Fire Dance) with the Maasai people. Our in - depth knowledge of the destinations offered enables us to recommend and design private and group itineraries to suit your particular travel wishes and desire for adventure. We meticulously plan and create each itinerary in conversation with you, resulting in explorations as unique and varied as our travellers’ needs. Be it luxury or budget, we organise your safari in the the best way possible to suit your needs making your experience personal and unforgettable.

Our specialty is leading expeditions to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (5,895m-19,340ft) the highest peak in Africa. I was born and raised at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and began climbing the mountain as a porter at the age of 18. Since I was fluent in English I moved quickly into the position of assistant guide. I then trained and obtained my license as a mountain guide with the National Park Service of Tanzania. We are extremely passionate about what we do,we pride ourselves on offering a excellent trips and expeditions at reasonable prices and our reputation for quality, your enjoyment of the trek, personally reference,health, safety and goal attainment. We all work together as a team to ensure that you enjoy the best of Tanzania, its culture and Landscapes.

My Teams and I we use best traveled routes to the summit of Kilimanjaro, which add to our clients enjoyment of the climb.We prefer the more scenic and use less travelled routes such as Lemosho Glades (known as the Shira route), Rongai route.I have a love and understanding for the beauty of my country and the expertise to make every trek and safari memorable with safety as my number one concern.I know visitors come from far away to visit our country and we are willing to show and give them an experience that mostly however. I was born and raised up in Kidia village at the base of the Mt.Kilimanjaro, where the  local people, the Chagga tribes friendily welcome visitors. My hope is that I attract those guests who want to explore  the rare beauty of my beautifuly country and who are  open to the magic of the place, to the land people and the animals.We look forward  to welcoming  you on an exploration without frontiers.

Sebastian R. Tenga

"This trip was beyond my wildest dreams! Africa is absolutely an incredible and unique place to be. Climbing Kilimanjaro was an awesome and challenging adventure. I would recommend this trip to anyone who would like to test their limits, be challenged and have a wonderful time doing so." 2013 Kate L.

Tansania Tanzania Land
Tanzania lies on the Indian Ocean, and is bordered  by two country, Kenya and Uganda to the North. The Tanzania mainland is divided in to several clearly defined regions, the coastal plains, which have lush tropical vegetation, Maasai  steppe in the North, which have bush and savannah, and semi arid desert accounts which have Volcanic.
  Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Climb
At 5.895m Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the continet of Africa, and the tallest  free- standing mountain in the world. This dormant volcano is perched alone above  the African  plains.Offering in clear weather views of the Maasai Steppe below.The summit of Kilimanjaro continues to attract people from all over the World. 
Safari in Tansania Animal Safari
Tanzania is one of the least known  countries in the world, as well as one of the least explored. And with so much to discover such as, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Selous, Ruaha and remote regions  such as  Mahale and Lake Natron.
  Die Insel Sansibar Zanzibar Trip
Commonly known as the Spice Island, is the largest Island of the  coast of Tanzania and his home to some of the beautiful beaches in Africa. Offering a truly remote of tropical getaway, tourists infrequently visit this tropical paradise.
Unterkunft in Tansania Lodging & Hotels
A mobile camping safaris, is a very comfortable camping style using large  canvas tents with extension  for mobile toilet and shower at the back of the tent. Standard twin, A mobile camping safari offers the feeling of camping and being with nature.All meals are provided as well as beverages, including wine and beer.
  Das Snow & Savannah Team Our Guides
''Experience and Knowledge'' We have the necessary experience and knowledge to organize extraordinary safari with a spirit of adventure and special attention to security. Our crew work hard  to make your trips safe and enjoybale, your visit will be a truly unforgettable experience.
Karibu Tanzania!! 


 Kilimanjaro climb and Animal -  Safari

Joe W. Laura W.| Feb 2015
''Laura and I enjoyed our Safari in Tanzania, We have been very  blessed to see the Big 5, especially spotting the leopard at the Serengeti.We enjoyed the drives, the bush breakfasts and the sundowners.The Safari Camp they recommended and organized  was fantastic with great food and excellent trackers. It was actually one of the best vacations we have had,and I loved everything we did.We also had a wonderful tailor-made 8 days trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro. Omari, our Chef Cook was excellent, we could not ask or even think of anything he would not have done for us. All the meals were truly delicious. Our guide Fanji, we liked him a lot, he could tell and show  us quite a lot interesting about the wildlife on Kilimanjaro.It was lovely that we had enough time to have long conversations with Fanji. All the crew were very kind and friendly, we liked them very much,their hardwork,teamwork and general enthusiasm was the main factor  in allowing us to acheive our goal,  and we will remember them as real friends. A big thanks to Sebastian, he is fully able to organize his work,manage  his team and feel responsible,Moreover he is very kind and intelligent person conversations with him highly enjoyable. If you want to experience Africa, Tanzania, and its people, as well as climb the mountain, Snow & Savannah Safaris is your only choice.''

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