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 Last  Updated: March 10, 2015

Saanane Island becomes TZ’s 16th N.Park

The  government has officially declared Saanane Island, which is located in Lake Victoria—one of the Africa’s largest lakes— as the country’s 16th National Park.According to TANAPA’s Public Relations Manager, Pascal Shelutete, the move follows Government’s Notice Number 227 issued recently.

"The gazzetment of Saanane Island as a National Park is a result of the resolution to establish the park passed by the National Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania October last year," Shelutete said here yesterday, in a statement.The new Saanane Island National Park, with an area of 2.18 square kilometres, will now include the total areas of the former Saanane Island Game Reserve, Chankende Islands and parts of Lake Victoria water surrounding Saanane and Chankende islands.

Historically, Saanane Island was managed as zoo in 1964 and was elevated to a status of a Game Reserve in 1991. In 2006, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism directed Tanzania National Parks to assume full responsibility of managing and overseeing the overall running of the game reserve and initiate the process of elevating it to the status of a National Park.To date, TANAPA has taken a number of measures to fully utilize the area profitably by improving its marketability as a tourist attraction site in order to generate income as well as revenue for the government.Since 2006, TANAPA has been taking deliberate steps to realize this objective. One of the measures taken was the introduction of limited number of wild animals’ species (herbivores). 

Following this move, TANAPA will now have official 16 National Parks in the country, which includes Serengeti; Lake Manyara; Tarangire and Arusha National Parks.Others include Kilimanjaro; Mkomazi; Saadani; Mikumi; Udzungwa Mountains; Ruaha; Kitulo; Katavi; Gombe; Mahale Mountains and Rubondo Island. Meanwhile, the boundaries of the Gombe National Park  have been expanded from 33,74 square kilometres  to 56 square kilometres , which now includes portion of waters and beaches around Lake Tanganyika. The expansion of Gombe follows Government Notice number 228 issued recently. Late last year, the National Assembly of the United  Republic of Tanzania passed a resolution to expand Gombe National Park  by altering its boundaries.

Good  luck to the  Anderson  group climbing Lemosho Route!

A big thank you  to our Client Rebecca, who donated  warm winter coats to our Kilimanjaro crews! It gets cold up  there on the summit and it sure is hard to find winter clothing in Tanzania!  Holly Hippos! 

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