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Snow & Savannah Safaris  is a Tanzanian- based company, and 100% African owned and operated. We utilize the skills and expertise of East Africans to support and develop the local  economy. The company keeping most business operations in Arusha, Tanzania. The Company offering all kinds of Safari trips, as well as expeditions up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro through the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater to the tropical beaches of Zanzibar Island. Sebastian  is founder and director of Snow and Savannah Safari, as the owner him self he is very well familiar with service industry so he makes sure that all his mountain guides, cooks, crew and animal safari guides are highly-trained naturalist to provide high standard service to the visitors. As a former porter himself, he knows how hard porters work to make your trips safe and enjoyable, Snow and Savannah Safaris respects and  takes  care of their Crew. We provide  a fair living wage, sufficient  meals, proper shelter  and sleeping  arrangements.They are crucial  on the mountain and an important part of our success. They are the ones  that make the experience fulfilling with endless singing, dancing and always smile.

His team, Kili guides, safari drivers and poters come from  different ethnic backgrounds and tribes, but are all African born and bred. Working together to bring you an unforgettable adventure. Our guides have three priorities on the mountain: Your health and safety, your goal attainment the summit of Kilimanjaro, and your enjoyment of the trek. They are understand that all three are inextricably linked  and  vitally important  to a successful climb. All our guides are highly skilled professionals with qualified training, knowledge and attitude to fulfill all three priorities and more.

Sebastian von Snow und Savannah Safaris

As a licensed Kilimanjaro Guide he has made more than 120 ascents.... and he's still adding up the expeditions day by day. With over 10 years of experience leading Trekking and Safaris throughout Tanzania. He looks forward to getting to know each guest individually, and to sharing his knowledge of cultural history and natural wonders of his country. He has since then worked with several Tour companies, and many more before starting his own company and he has gained a lot of experience and extensive knowledge and expertise on the mountain. He has Wilderness Medicine Training and Certified as a Wilderness First Responder.
He is multilingual speaking English, German, Kiswahili and Chagga his tribal language. He has climbed throughout the Germany Alps, Switzerland Alps and France. He loves Mountain's climbing, endurance sports. He is convinced that anyone with basic physical condition can get to the highest peak of Kilimanjaro.His goal is to further advance a sustainable tourism in his country and to give his guests a close view of people´s lives. And he is passionate about creating a company which enables guests to experience the real Tanzania whilst, at the same time, benefiting the Tanzanian people from what he is doing. He  is  building  alliances with other non- profit  organizations whose goal is teaching locals the value of an intact ecosystem,education and postive  life choices.

''Haven't you always wanted to go Tanzania? All those fabulous animals, the snow-topped summit of Kilimanjaro, diverse cultures,history and wonders of the Rift Valley which is acknowledged by many as the cradle of man-kind. So many great reasons to go Tanzania. So! it is our deepest desire to offer you this most unforgetable, exciting and cherishing experience.You will remember it for a life time, after you return home.''



I am proud to be one of the few Tanzanians and mountain guide to own his own company.And I am proud to employ  local people.

To use Camps, Hotels and Lodges which do not have an adverse effect on the Nature. Protecting the environment and supporting local charities.

To provide guests with the opportunity of experiencing the real Africa life.

Our guests from all over the world shall be offered an unforgettable vacation whether it be a Kilimanjaro climbing, Safari,Zanzbar beach or cultural experience.

To use Hotels, Camps and Lodges which are owned by Tanzanians or employ predominantly Tanzanians, that the local people of Tanzania should develop profitable and sustainable.

With part of our profit we will support local development projects such as school and education projects and a rehabilitation centre for handcapped children in Moshi YWCA.

To identify the less fortunate Africa children and orphans in the region.To buld my home village where I grew up, and building and teaching locals the value of an intact ecosystem,education and positive life choices.

To ensure that we leave a legacy of education and training excellence in these children and society as their future potential pride in the generations to come.  

To co-operate with other Non-Governmental Organizations in sensitizing the communities,government departments and community based organizations to realize that the family is the primary unit for better child rearing and self-appraisal.

Snow and Savannah Safaris we work hard to ensure that the way we run our tours and  responsible travel programs has a positive impact  on the places we visit. We believe in pro-actively educating staff and travellers about  cultural and environmental issues and ensuring responsible behavior in everyday life. As individuals and a company we believe in contributing to broader societal goals and look beyond simply making a profit. Therefore  I founded  Snow & Savannah Safaris.

Ahsante (Thank You).

Das Snow and Savannah Safari Team                    

                       Snow &  Savannah Safaris, Kilimanajaro  May  2010

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