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Health & Safety in Tanzania 

The present country of Tanzania came into being in 1964 with the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. There are over 120 tribes on the main land, most of which migrated from other parts of Africa. Tanzania become independent within the commonwealth in 1961 after a period of self - government during which the principal nationalist party, the Tanganyika Africa National Union (TANU) emerged as the dominant political force. Its charismatic leader, Julius Nyerere held the post of president from independence to 1685.In 1964 Tanganyika joined with Zanzibar and become a United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania is a peaceful, welcoming and friendly country, which has much to offer the tourist. For those who want to go on safari, the game viewing in Tanzania is considered by many to be amongst the best, if not the best in Africa.

Landkarte Tansania und Zanzibar

Tanzania lies on the Indian Ocean and is bordered by two country, Kenya and Uganda to the north. The Tanzania mainland is divided in to several clearly defined regions the coastal plains, which have lash tropical vegetation, the Maasai steppe in the north, 200-1000m and high plateau in the southern. savannah and bush cover half of the country. And semi arid desert accounts from the remaining land area .Volcanic highlands can be seen in the northeast and southwest of the country. Over 53,000sq. km is inland water, mostly lakes formed in the great Rift valley.

Largest city and commercial capital: Dar es Salaam.
Administrative capital: Dodoma.

The climate is tropical and coastal areas are usually hot and humid but regulated by sea breezes. Average day temperature 25 -- 35 degrees centigrade. There are two seasons of rains in Tanzania .The long rains run from late March until June and short rains from November until January. The hottest time of the year is December to March and the coolest month are June, July and August. In high altitude area such as Kilimanjaro or Ngorongoro Highlands temperatures can fall below freezing.

All safari travelers to Africa require a valid passport for the duration of their tour or vocation in Tanzania. Entry points in Tanzania currently offering Visa services on entry, Kilimanjaro International Airport and Namanga entry on the road border between Tanzania and Kenya. Some nationalities do not require visas. Also we advise you to check with your local Tanzanian Embassy.

The Tanzania Shillings (TSH or TZS).divided into 100 cents, is the national currency. Major foreign currencies particularly US$ and Euros. Credit cards (Access, Mastercard, Visa, American Express) are accepted by top tourist hotels around the country. Travelers Cheques in pounds sterling or US $ are accepted and are convertible at banks. Banks and "bureau de changes" are available at the airports and in all main towns.

Local time is GMT+3

ca. 49% Christs, ca. 30% Moslems, ca. 30% others, Zanzibar ca. 95% Moslems.

Kisuaheli and Englisch.

There are public call boxes in post offices and main towns. Several cellular phone companies operate in Tanzania.

Dar es saalam International Airport is 15 km southwest of the city. Kilimanjaro International Airport lies 30 km from Moshi Town.

HEALTH/VACCINATIONS. Health information for travelers to Tanzanaia:
Before visiting Tanzania you may need to get the following vaccinations and medications for against Yellow Fever and Cholera. Ant-Malaria medication is strongly recommended when travelling within East Africa. Ant-malaria tablets are recommended to be taken a few days prior to arrival, during your stay and for a short period after returning home. Visitors should consult their Physician or to your doctor/health-care provider will determine what you will need,depend on factors such as your health /immunization history or areas of the country you will be visting and planned activities.

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