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About the S & S Safaris Team + Guides


Sebastian Tenga - (Founder/ Senior Guide)
Sebastian has  summited Kilimanjaro more than 120 times,the first when he was only 18.Sebastian  has established himself as one of  the most knowledgeable,competent and ethical guides on the mountain.As a Chagga tribesman, born at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro,he loves to share his appreciation for the environment, animal life, and natural wonders of his country.His goal is to further advance a sustainable tourism in his country and to give his guests a close view of people´s lives.He is passionate about creating a company which enables guests to experience the real Tanzania whilst, at the same time, benefiting the Tanzanian people from what he is doing. Today Snow & Savannah Safaris  has envolved and grown to become one of the leading expedition companies. With 150 crew and 15 staff working  at Arusha office.   Sebastian Tenga


Roy Fadhili - (Safari Guide/ Driver)
''When you are on safari you don't want  a driver who finds animals by looking for the traffic jams of other vehicles''. You want a guide naturalist  who knows wildlife habits and locations from training and experience.With years  of experience  and training as a naturalist,Roy is an  amazing guide to the animals  and birds of Tanzania and Kenya. His first priority is to find for you the wildlife you want to see.He does it by knowing the premier viewing spots in each  National park.

He attended Professional Tourguide college in Tanzania.He has worked in the tourism industry mostly in Tanzania and Kenya.He loves his work  and enjoys showing others the specialities of Africa and giving guests a chance  to see the true experience  of Tanzania.

Faraja Ngumuo (Senior Guide)
Faraja has been working for Snow & Savannah Safaris since the company was founded in 2000.Growing up in the  foothills of Kilimanjaro, he has fashioned superb leadership skills. He has  a warm heart, and always eager to see people achieve their dreams.When not  leading will keep you laughing with the Kili stories.

He says, no Kilimanajaro expedition can succeed without  a dedicated crew of chefs, porters and others working to make your trek comfortable,fun and pleasurable. As a licensed Kilimanajro Guide, he has made more than 100 acsents. There is no better or more personable guide than  Faraja.

 Makashi (Senior Guide)
  Fadhili Roy

Eliudi (Camping Crew)

Man Omari (Senior Cook)
  Juma Omari

Joseph  Leizer (Senior Cook)

Winga Mmachame (Canping Crew)

Amosi  (Crew  Supervisor)

Patrick  Mwanga (Camping  Crew)

Jumapili  (Camping Crew)

Our Team

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